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In response to requests! Anyone who plays guitar will tell you it is amazing how many thousands of songs can be made from the same chord patterns, but just for fun, can you play these chord progressions and guess what they are?


Chord Progression Number 1


||:  Em7     |   G   |   Dsus 4   |  A7sus4   :||


||:    C       |   D    |   Em     |  Em  :||


   C       |   D    |   Em     |  G      | A7sus4  |


||:   C9      |  G/B  |  G     |  Em    |  A7sus 4 |

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Chord Progression Number 2



  ||:  G  |  G  |  C9  |  Dsus4 :||

      Em |  D  |   C   |  G  |

      Em |  D  |  Am  |  G  |

      Em |  C  |  Em  |  G  |

      Em |  D  |   G   |  G  ||

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Chord Progression No 3


   ||:  A    A    A          D/F#     D/F#     G 


    D/F#  D/F#  G      D/F#  D/F#  G 


    D/F#  A   A     :||




   ||: A     A    A A     D     D  D   G  G     A :||


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Chord progression 4 - has some single notes too!

E         D D D         A A A

treble notes: 

g      e      d      b      a      g


E         D D D         A A A

bass notes:

b    g#        b    a        b   a#         b   b


To make this sound right, the italic a has a whole tone bend release and pull off to the g. The italic b needs a slide down the neck towards the nut :)

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chord progression 5

This chord progression demonstrates the Cycle of Fifths and can be used to play Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix amongst other songs. You can find more details on this page:


Learn to play Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix



C    | G    | D    | A    | E     |



C    | G    | D    | A    | E     || 





These short chromatic runs have a great Hendrix vibe and are good as exercises for your fretting hand. Use all four fingers and play in position for the best effect.

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