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Technical Games for young students

A summary is available on this link, including brief reference to Piaget's developmental stages and some suggested games and technical warm ups for younger children. More specific details will be available later on this page.

Childrens Games On Guitar.doc


Echoing A Riff

The object of this exercise is basically ear training, note recognition by sound and perception of pulse. It makes students more aware of the sounds of notes they are learning. The range is on the treble strings, open G, open B, open E and A on string 3. We used this in Wider Opportunities and the children successfully played along without notation and also signed the notes with Kodaly hand signals for doh, re, me and lah. I have also used it very successfully in small group and individual lessons at about the 3rd lesson stage. It goes down particularly well with KS3 students who don't want to be seen playing nursery songs! A Riff.mp3

Click here to print free score and find MP3 for downloading.

Sing and Play Intervals - 1

Can you do this without printing off the score? So much the better! This is for bass and guitar and starts with a simple C major scale against an alternative rock beat. The program note for the score gives instructions:

The object of this exercise is to train our ears and brains to work with our hands! Although  I wrote this as an exercise for guitar and bass it will work for any  instrument except brass or wind (unless you can sing and play like that guy in Jethro Tull)  This is useful for developing a sense of pitch and playing by ear. In this first example the rhythm is really simple to enable focus on the scale. First section sets out the scale, play it as an echo both times. After that there are three repeats of the piece: First time sing the echoes. Second time play the echoes. Third time sing and play. It is good practice to vary the tempo and to transpose to all major keys. I have written it in C to accommodate most voices! and Play Intervals - 1 for Bass and Guitar.mp3

But.... just to enable you to transpose it and play at varied speeds on the sibelius site, or perhaps print it out in another key, here is the link:

Click here to find and print free music of this exercise