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Open Chord Library

The idea here is simply to put up a page of the most frequently used chords in open position so beginners can save them or even print them off for reference.

A word of caution. I draw my diagrams on their side for a good reason! It is so that that strings tie in with TAB lines. TAB lines, like regular traditional music, show lower pitches at the bottom and higher pitches at the top. So do my diagrams, unlike conventional ones in books.... It should be pretty clear as I make them different thicknesses to represent bass moving upwards to treble.

The first section here is to include only easy common diatonic chords. Chords based on sharps and flats are more often best played as barre chords, although open versions do exist and I will post some later! Again, more interesting open chords such as 9ths, 11ths and sus chords will be added over time.


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