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Test Print from Sibelius Scorch

All the sheet music downloads here are powered by Scorch and hosted on Sibelius Music which is a highly reputable site. It is worth checking if you can print music. Sibelius Music provide this test page to help enable printing from Scorch. It is worth following this link before you go any further.

I have to say most people don't have any printing or viewing problems, but if you do it may be that you do not have active X enabled. Check that out, then recheck the Scorch test page....

Test page for Scorch. Please click....

Following the hyperlinks

If you are interested in playing one of these tunes or exercises, click on the blue link text. This will take you to the free score on sibeliusmusic. When you arrive at the larger site, your computer may be asked to download "Scorch" - do not worry, this is a very safe file from a very reputable site! Click yes, and the music will appear. You can then click on the picture of a printer next to the flame  in the bar above the music where the play buttons are. 


Your printer will then print out the music in a good size and readable font (much better than this jpeg!) If there are parts available, you can also request these.

All the individual pieces of music have links which lead to free scores!

(The only exceptions to this are books and CDs in the project section and the Traditional Christmas Carol book). 

There are over 85,000 scores on the sibeliusmusic site, mostly for sale, but the scores here are obviously free for educational use.