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full size classical guitars for all budgets

Older children and adults need a full size guitar (depending on height and hand size). I have chosen a range of instruments to fit different needs and budgets from beginner to more advanced player. Please read carefully because you may have to purchase accessories such as gig bag, hardcase or footstool. Kits are less common for full size guitars. Most new guitars arrive needing tuning or even stringing or setting up, you may have to get a teacher or experienced player to do this for you. It is normal for nylon strings to go out of tune very quickly when they are new!



usa - guitars are available on the link below

Budget full size guitars under £50

At the time of writing, these guitars are all under £50, though prices can increase or decrease with Amazon offers.





Budget classical guitars between £50 and £100

Some of these come in kit form which means accessories are supplied with the guitar. The guitar itself may be of less quality if so, I advise you to read reviews and descriptions carefully.








Intermediate student guitars £100 to £200 

These are higher quality guitars which will have increased playability. They are likely to have a better finish and perhaps have solid top, back or sides. They will also have a better sound quality and produce better balanced volume, treble and bass response than budget plywood guitars. They are suitable for a more discerning player or an intermediate student.










Higher quality classical guitars over £200 and full size gig bags

These are very high quality guitars suitable for the intermediate student or crossover player,  for concert classical guitars I would strongly advise a visit to a specialist store where you can try out hand made concert classical guitars to see if you like the feel and the sound. I have included gigbags as many of the guitars on this page come without cases and a case is an essential to protect your guitar from damage.