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Uses A, D, E, F#m, Bm chords.

We have sung this in folk clubs many, many times. A lovely song in 3/4 (waltz time) for those only familiar with 4/4

Carrickfergus lyrics and chords


Fhear A'Bhata

Uses D, A, G, Bm and F#m chords.

This version is one I was taught in my early 20s in the Scottish highlands, there are many versions, but I used to like singing this one in harmony with another (Gaelic speaking) student who worked in the Grant Arms Hotel. We did a few gigs together purely by accident.... long story, but a great confidence builder! I can't vouch for the spelling sadly as I do not speak Gaelic myself!

The song uses Bm and F#m chords. It is worth learning them! At a pinch you can substitute D for Bm and A for F#m but it loses the lovely dark sound of these minor harmonies if you do! 

Fhear A'Bhata lyrics and chords A Bhata.mp3

Mairi's Wedding

Pretty much everybody sings this one in Scotland. The easiest version has just D, A, G which is understandable because the key of D is perhaps the best fiddle key going! My version also uses Em and Bm for contrast but you can substitute D for Bm if it's a struggle!

Mairi's Wedding lyrics and chords


The Water Is Wide

One of the first folksongs I ever played on my guitar! I also love to sing this one unaccompanied. There is also another version called O Waly Waly.

Key D, chords D, A, G, Em, Bm, A7

The Water Is Wide lyrics and chords




Whiskey In The Jar

A fine traditional ballad, possibly most famous these days for the Thin Lizzy version which is a little different but well worth tracking down and learning.

This version uses chords G, D, C and Em and is nice and easy to play!

Whisky In The Jar lyrics and chords


The Wild Colonial Boy

An Irish traditional ballad - almost like a form of ancient gangsta rap??? This song uses C, F, G and G7 in line with the fact you are most likely to hear it in a pub played by a pub pianist who likes the key of C!

The Wild Colonial Boy lyrics and chords


The Wild Rover

Fond memories of the Dubliners singing this!

Easy chords of D, G, A, A7 in this D major version.

Often also played in G major with G, C, D and D7.

The Wild Rover lyrics and chords