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Did you know an electric guitar is much easier to play than an acoustic? Whilst it is a good idea to start on nylon strings there comes a point when everyone wants to rock! This page showcases some of the best deals on Amazon UK.

 I have mostly avoided half and three quarter size guitars because the short scale often has poor intonation. I chose to showcase packs because beginners will not have amps, straps , gigbags and leads already  and a package makes good sense when starting out. Please check to see it has everything you need!

Most electric guitars these days are pretty good with respect to intonation and action but new guitars may well arrive untuned and will almost certainly not be set up for best performance, particularly cheaper models. Ask your teacher or an experienced (adult) guitar player to set your guitar up for you so it is nice to play. A music shop set up is quite a good investment at around £25 to £30 and should include adjustment of the action for maximum playability and new premium quality strings, any proud frets should be sorted at this stage and the optimum pick up height set. It is a worthwhile investment that can turn a beginner guitar into something stageworthy! 


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