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Some Repertoire for the Intermediate Classical Player

This page will focus on music of approximately grade 4-6 level in pdf format. Easier pieces are on the Fingerstyle Guitar page. While there is no TAB here, it is available elsewhere including my sibelius page. Music is well spaced with fingerings left to teachers' discretion as I believe they should be! You can listen to the computer generated MP3 files for timing, but listening to top level professionals is recommended for interpretation ideas. Don't just copy though - always try to feel the music for yourself!

Double from Lute Suite BVW 997

This is an easier arrangement in A minor rather than C minor and I have simplified the rhythm somewhat by doubling note values. It makes it look less forbidding! For exam purposes, please look at the recommended editions of Bach - there are always SO many variations!!! in A minor BVW 997.mp3

PDF music for Double in A minor BVW 997


Louis Claude D'Aquin 

This easy Baroque guitar TAB solo by Louis Claude D'Aquin has notation as well and is free to download for personal use. It is basically a two part, arranged from the original for harpsichord, and needs a flexible and efficient left hand technique. About grade 4 standard. music/La Melodieuse (The Singer) Guitar Solo with TAB.mp3


La Melodieuse (The Singer) Guitar Solo with TAB - Full Score.pdf


Three Studies by Francisco Tarrega

These are the first three studies of 12. Playable at about grade 3-5 level and very tuneful although short. I have tried to emphasize the legato sound you should aim for in apoyando (rest stroke) melody playing. Due to simplification of notation, you will see and hear these played almost staccato and tirando (free stroke) for speed.... I think Tarrega would be rolling in his grave at high speed.... Slow down and bring out the melody please! No 1.mp3

PDF music for Estudio No 1 in C No 2 Tarrega.mp3

PDF music for Estudio No 2 in E minor No 3 Tarrega.mp3

PDF music for Estudio No 3 in A major